Candle, diffuser and bath and body packaging is one of our specialties. Your design service starts when you purchase one of our custom candle kits. Or, you can choose to start from scratch with custom glassware as well.

We use a local printer and Australian designer who's production experience will ensure that your new packaging adheres to all Australian retail sales guidelines. And, because our products are certified Australian made, you may also be entitled to use the Australia Made logo on your products.

We can help with barcodes, logos, colour selection, box size, box shop and style and most importantly, co-ordinate production timelines with the pouring of your custom made candles, diffusers of bath and body products.

Each of our standard glasses already has an optimised box size we can use as base. And if you still aren't sure what you want, we also offer a FREE design consultation service where you can chat to our designer and receive market examples of design, print and packaging ideas that may work for your brand.